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  Welcome to JuvenTUM
The school-based prevention in primary schools

JuvenTUM 1
An adequate amount of physical activity in childhood is associated with health benefits like improved cardiovascular fitness and lower prevalence of overweight and obesity. The school environment has the opportunity to introduce a healthy lifestyle to pupils across all socioeconomical and ethnic borders.

The aim of JuvenTUM?
The school-based prevention program JuvenTUM 1 was to evaluate a low impact, ubiquitously applicable school-based program which combines monthly health lessons for pupils, with three training sessions for teachers and two for parents. The aim of this program was to increase physical activity and fitness of primary school children, and to evaluate weight changes in overweight and obese children
  • play running games at high intensity,
  • perform challenging exercises to improve body awareness and self-esteem,
  • and take part in conversation in class about health related topics and relaxation exercises.

Worksheets, small homework assignments and monthly newsletters were used to stimulate parent-child-interaction and to support more physical activity at home and in sports clubs as well as within families.
Teacher-training was conducted to support increased physical activity during lessons and active breaks for children and to improve physical education at school. Additionally, measures were taken to improve the quality of food sold at school snack bars and/ or at school stores and to arrange the classrooms, the halls and the playgrounds at school so that more physical activity was encouraged and attractive.

Who took part?
This prospective study was conducted in eight Bavarian primary schools in a randomised setting with four intervention schools (n=427 children) and four control schools (n=297 children) (350 girls, 374 boys, 8.4±0.7 years).

Further information
Siegrist M, Lammel C, Haller B, Christle J, Halle M: Effects of a physical education program on physical activity, fitness, and health in children: The JuvenTUM project. Scand J Med Sci Sports 2011, doi 10.1111/j.1600-0838.2011.01387x, 2011


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