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The school-based prevention in secondary schools
  JuvenTUM 3
JuvenTUM 3 aims to implement a comprehensive randomized, controlled school- and family-based lifestyle-intervention trial (RCT) in secondary schools to analyse and improve cardio-metabolic risk factors and vascular function of children aged 10 to 11 years over a period of four years by increasing physical activity and physical fitness, psychological well-being, and the motivation to exercise.
Fifteen secondary schools in Southern Germany are taking part in this project. Children in the fifth grade (10-11 years) will be observed over four years. The main components are weekly lifestyle-lessons for children aimed at increasing physical activity in- and outside of school, improving eating patterns at school and at home, and reducing media consumption with a focus on improved well-being. In four to six annual meetings, teachers receive information about health-related topics with worksheets for children and supportive equipment to account for school-specific needs and strategies. Parents' trainings are provided on a regular basis.

Further information
Siegrist M, Hanssen H, Lammel C, Haller B, Halle M: A cluster randomised school-based lifestyle intervention programme for the prevention of childhood obesity and related early cardiovascular disease (JuvenTUM 3). BMC Public Health. 2011 Apr 22;11:258, 2011


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